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We rely on many years of experience with metal production.

The history of Vortex Steel's engineering experience dates back to 1997, when Petr Dvořák started his business in this field. However, his experience goes much deeper back in history, as he has worked in the engineering industry all his life.

He passed on the skills he acquired to his son Vojtěch from an early age, thanks to which he gained the necessary knowledge and practice. In June 2018, Petr and Vojtěch Dvořák decided to put these years of experience to good use together and thus the company Vortex Steel was founded. 

Vortex Steel was founded with the intention of being a modern, thriving company that emphasizes customer satisfaction and has high ambitions.

25 years
of experience
Top quality
Engineering is a craft that we do with honesty, precision and love. We have built our process equipment is built versatile enough to adapt your needs.
We are convinced that this approach is what makes us the partner you are looking for.

Vojtěch Dvořák

Managing Director

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