25 years of experience

Top solutions in engineering production

From idea through development to implementation

Engineering production

We are specialized in metal processing in every possible way.
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Industrial oils

Diesel and petrol engines, gear oils, hydraulic oils, lubricating greases, etc.
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Other technology

Development and production of brake linings for high tonnage presses, rubber mouldings, etc.
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  • 25 years of experience
  • Modern technology
  • Professional approach


We are specialized in turning, milling and welding with modern technologies. Our added value is not only the production of top quality products, but also their development by experienced engineers.

Our priority is the timely delivery of top quality goods for maximum customer satisfaction and the most efficient use of our long experience. We have modern technical equipment and software operated by experienced professionals. We have recently expanded our portfolio by sale of technical oils and the provision of laboratory tests corresponding to the given certifications.
We have become an approved supplier of moulding frames for the automotive industry.
About us

The history of Vortex Steel's engineering experience dates back to 1997, when Petr Dvořák started his business in this field.

However, his experience goes much deeper back in history, as he has worked in the engineering industry all his life. He passed on the skills he acquired to his son Vojtěch from an early age. Through the years he gained the necessary knowledge and experience so in June 2018, Petr and Vojtěch Dvořák decided to put these years of experience to good use. That is when Vortex Steel was founded. 

We want to be a carrier of engineering tradition,
but also of new trends and innovations.

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